Yoga Glow...

Ever look around after an invigorating yoga class and notice everyone is glowing? Ya...there's such thing as a post yoga skin glow!  

Refinery 29's, Mary Galloway, listed yoga as her number 2 skin fix! Love this! You might hear your yoga teachers (aka, me) preach in class about how yoga helps reverse the degenerative signs of aging and now Doctors are saying it increases blood flow & oxygen to the cells! 

*another reason to get inverted, y'all...get glowing skin! 

cant get to class!??? That's ok! Try meditating for a few minutes or practicing down dog for 5 -30 breathes to grab your quick fix glow-ga skin!


Adho mukha svanasana  


1)Plant your palms shoulder with apart (atleast) or just inside your mat.  Spread your fingers wide like you're webbing.  

2)Gently press your knuckles down and root from the flesh of your palms.  

3)Belly is pulling in and up.  Ribs are knitting in tightly.  

4)Feet are hip width apart, legs are extended if available to you (generously bent is great too).  

***I try to start my first few breathes with bent knees to ease into my first dog of the day and organically extend as my breath deepens and my inhales and exhales lengthen. Always honor and listen to your body, don't worry about your what feels right for YOU and if you have to modify thats ok...every practice is different, some days I am comparable to grumpy other days I am the tin man .sqeauk,squeak. Yoga doesn't judge nor should you.


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