I want it...NOW

Don't roll the dice on your feelings. Eliminate clock time time and psychological time when possible and live in NOW. So often we get caught up in "past" time whether it be good or bad...its bad. Living on past failures or accomplishments isn't truly living. You cannot sustain vicariously living through anything in the past.


The present moment is where you can taste, see, touch, smell, feel and love.


It's great to dream and have huge hairy goals and explosive aspirations, BUT if you live in the future, you focus too much on the finish line and miss the God given journey carved custom just for you.


The journey is not without pain or multiple roadblocks...but by surpassing each one, you can gain strength, humility, maybe even a beautiful unraveling into something much more authentic.


Consciously live today. Live now. You need not worry about tomorrow's so called problem:..perhaps it's not a problem at all...blessings come in the most bizarre of forms.

Be here now. Be still & be grateful. Appreciate the mastery of the senses. Notice all that surrounds you.