AKWARD CHAIR POSE...the most annoying pose in YOGA...just being honest. Although chair pose is a heavy hairy feat, the posture boasts many benefits physically, mentally, and spiritually.

To practice Utkatasana:

The most important and vital part of EVERY pose is your breath so call it on up, firstly.  Begin to deepen and lengthen your inhales and exhales matching equal in length.  Dragging the breaths as long as possible and emptying the lungs completely with every exhalation.

Step on to your mat with your feet hip width apart.  Splay the flesh of your feet like heavy blankets neatly stretched.

*If you want an added challenge you can position the feet closer.

 I like to lift my toes up and redistribute to make sure I am not over compensating by gripping with my toesies.  Some teachers even cue to keep toes lifted...whatever floats your chair pose, y'all! 

Begin to shift you weight back by lowering your seat...sitting in your virtual chair.  Gently tuck the tail to lengthen & protect spine and engage abdominals to highest potential.  

Stretch arms up nice and long.  Externally rotate the hands so that the eyes of the elbows look inwards and the pinky finger nails mirror one another.  This external rotation fires up the arm muscles and sculpts the physique creating lean toned arms.  

Breath here for 2-5 breaths to begin then counter with an easy forward fold.  REPEAT for 10-15 breaths between folds or even vinyasa (s).  If you are a seasoned practitioner, Chair is a great place to introduce TWISTS and rotation.


strengthens abs

lengthens spine

helps mentally confront roadblocks in our lives and breath through find pathways

relieves stress & tension

builds strength and stamina in the legs

stimulates heart and other vital organs

combats headache(s)