Peaceful departure

Often, we leave people, places or things with dramatic exits...but sometimes leaving quietly is much more peaceful, in the end.  When things no longer serve a purpose, we discard them, recycle them, give them away.  Sometimes we have to leave people in our lives who inflict pain, negative energy or wear us down, but we need not leave them with fear or spite.  It's best to gently depart with compassion and peaceful energy.  We can grow out of relationships just as we grow out of clothing or shelter.  We can have have fond memories of a friendship or relationship without having to stay in it.  We can love people without staying too.  I love my first big-girl studio, downtown...I paid rent & bills with my own paycheck, bought an obnoxious red suede couch and I fell madly in love in that apartment too.  I met my soon to be ex-husband in that apartment...we dreamed a future together in that building...should I have taken better consideration his family's RED flags? Maybe, but I didn't care & the past is the past...I was young and in love.  

My keepsakes (babies) are worth much more than all the pain. The great thing I know now, is that, even though we left the marriage, I have some great memories...some shitty ones too, but thats why we leave, right?  

Moving forward should be exactly how IT SOUNDS...if you're truly moving forward you are not tormenting a person you are moving on from...thats moving backwards and moving your karma in a dangerous direction.  As we grow older & wiser, our friendships change too.  When you go through something traumatic and REAL, you figure out pretty quickly who isn't willing to FIT you anymore, and there's some you may need to empty because they aren't healthy or uplifting.  There shouldn't be FEAR in friendship, ever.  Sometimes life situations create distance and thats ok.  You can leave relationships without drama, spite, & malice.  You can leave peacefully and lovingly any time that you need,  Just like you can change your style each decade, you can change your team and still stay in the game.  You need to protect your mission, purpose, sustainability through challenges by the energy you let in your life.  If someone or something isn't making you feel good and isn't nurturing you or taking more than it gives, it's ok to put yourself first and FLY.

You can still love people from a distance.  

Today, I quietly departed (I'm fibbing because nothing is ever quiet leaving three vivacious little boys)! I was physically tackled, pinched, smooched, squeezed, nibbed, nabbed, and pulled before I left my house this morning to see my boys off to school before taking off to lead my annual YOGA RETREAT to TULUM, Mexico.  The trip was long awaited and takes several months to plan.  Its honestly a TON of work, but I love my mission and my mission is to spread Yoga, teach joy, create meaningful experiences and impact others so I do it, over and over. Theres always little hitches, people cancel or flights get flubbed, but we always have an enlightening time and happiness and laughter are a given.  Breakthroughs are found.  Friendships are made & gained.  Going off the grid is just always a good idea.  No hairdryers, air-conditioning, TV's, etc...we immerse in YOGA, nature, solar power, the sun/moon, and the ocean waves.  We ride bikes, snorkel lagoons, meditate on the beach, pray in the sand, and sweat in the chica lodge.

Last night I stayed up late tweaking our itinerary and planning my classes.  We are introducing "Kundalini Rising" on this trip and working to realign the chakras one-by-one, every day, clearing pathways to joy, health, and pure happiness.  From the root to the stem to the petals, we are covering it all and washing the energy channel clean.  Grateful and honored to lead such a beautiful experience with people I adore and that support me and my journey, unconditionally.  

Tulum, I can't wait to paint you all my colors.

 Namaste, from 38,001 feet.  It's chakra time, AMANSALA. #kimtribe

Here we go, Sami!