Quality Time

Gary Chapman writes about the importance of QUALITY TIME in his renowned book, The 5 Languages of Love. 

I bring to the surface, Quality Time, because the essence has been resonating within me lately...every glance at my boys, watching them do just about anything makes me smile (except when they fight), having matcha tea with my dad, doing YIN with Kelly & Margaret, all these simple moments aren't simple at all, they're magical and special because each one creates a memory, a mental polaroid I file away gently in my cosmic collage.  

Today I walked in to YOGAJA, my happy place...smiled securely when I made eyes with my friend, yogi-peer and "technical boss", Margaret.  We always laugh and discuss all sorts of LIFE...we trade ideas, share feelings & aspirations, gush about LOVE, YOGA, TEACHING, KIDS, family after divorce, and more REAL daily content.  Our conversations are deep sometimes and extremely light other times, but leave me feeling grateful for her, for YOGA, my babes, and more.  Sometimes just a brief connection with another is all you need...a solid moment, an authentic REAL connection...relatable conversation...no phones out, just ears and eyes and supporting smiles.  

Today I pulled up at 9 am lusting to release and practice but our conversation took such a random huge journey that we found ourselves stretching seated for over an hour.  We planned to podcast when we realized we had an intimate "group" today but the three of us ended up releasing and sharing in a different way and perhaps a way the universe knew we all intrinsically needed at that moment.  I didn't leave feeling unfinished because we didn't flow, I left feeling just as zen as I would've after a power flow...

The POWER was in the QUALITY TIME we consensually shared.  

Then I thought back to a time before when I had sat with my dad at Starbucks for 2 hours talking about nonsense and laughing, sharing, collaborating, dreaming, and part of it we both were working on different things but just his presence across the table  felt so sweet.  I was truly gushing gratitude for just staring across at my awesome dad sipping his matcha latte...SO UNLIKE HIM, but made my heart smile because he tried it because I had done a segment on it...he  believed in me, my thoughts, and my silly matcha latte concoction...unconditional love is what that was...and QUALITY TIME.

*It's not about presents in my family, we don't have to fly on private jets or take vacations for me to appreciate his PRESENCE...time is what we crave.  

When you are in a dysfunctional shadow for a long time, you forget what light looks like.  I was so used to manipulation, greed, jealously, FEAR, disease in my old life that it wasn't FAMILY AT ALL...it was HELL on River Road.  A life of voids is a wasted existence.  No amount of money, THINGS or wine cellars with $500 bottles can create JOY and contentment...and certainly not peace or QUALITY TIME. I am grateful for all the lessons and the teachers...either way...

Take a moment to think about something simple you love to do or someone you love to just sit with and maybe just their presence near you brings you peace, love, and warmth.  Their energy calms your heart, their life makes your being tick.  

Offer up that gratitude to the universe and your divine within.

Make it your goal to spend QUALITY TIME as you enter the weekend!