Break the mold

BE THE CHANGE by breaking old patterns.  The only way to impact the world is to GO WITHIN.  We cannot control others but we can certainly control ourselves.  While that seems like common sense, it aint always easy.  Breaking unhealthy patterns is the clearest path to transformation and positive CHANGE.  

"Be the change you wish to see."

-Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Others will disappoint you, lie to you, manipulate you, break your heart, humiliate you, hate on you, sever your soul sometimes, but THATS NOT YOU...thats THEM REACTING at their reflection of themselves.  BLAME is FEAR.  BLAME AND FEAR are blockages that will storm troop your goals dreams and relationships of all sorts.

TRY BREAKING A PATTERN WITHIN.  Let's say someone offends or hurts you in the near future...they will, thats life.  Whether its intentional or not, I WANT YOU to be assertive inwards when that moment comes and instead of lashing or making a shitty snide backhanded comment out of FEAR, you're going to form a LOVING GENTLE INDIFFERENT NON-REACTION.

(IE):  Magda says to Kiki, "You are an UGLY loser.  Everyone HATES you. We all laugh hysterically at you behind your back and talk about how pathetic you are."

Magda thinks, she, herself is a loser and is in extreme pain inside.  Magda is insecure and thinks people do not like her...Magda thinks people laugh behind her back...and maybe they do but if Magda keeps behaving this way, her pain & self hate is just going to implode her, emotionally, and mentally.  

Kiki doesn't respond...ever.  There is no way that Kiki could respond to irrationality so Kiki sends compassion and prayers into the universe for Magda.  Though Kiki may have not been "unfazed" by the horrific unstable one sided attack, she heals over time and becomes stronger and better with every resistance to respond.

Did Kiki want to lash back initially? Maybe...was her initial reaction to tell Magda what everyone REALLY says?

Yes.. maybe, but in her heart she held more love than hate, for herself and for others.  She feels sorry for Magda.  Magda's soul is dark and sad.

HAVE ENOUGH LOVE FOR YOURSELF to be different and be better.  Yes, people will disappoint you, BUT karma is a boomerang so if you don't return the HATE, you protect yourself in the future...if you lash, you are creating more pain for yourself in the long run.

BE RATIONAL.  THINK BEFORE REACTING.  Try changing YOUR AUTOPILOT behaviors and words and see and notice HOW GOOD IT FEELS INSIDE TO STAND BEHIND YOUR NON-REACTION.  You have no regrets, no worries, so sorries, JUST LOVE and positive change.

Sometimes people suck, don't be one of them.  Rise above.  Be nice.  The universe takes care of it all in the end.  Wait patiently & graciously for your always comes.