Sun salutations AWAKEN

Moon Salutations SOOTHE

Designed to restore & cool the body

Meditative & calming with stronger connection to the breath

Chandra Namaskra is designed to RESTORE & COOL the body

As inhabitants of such a competitive culture, we gravitate towards fiery, high octane, intense practices in various areas of our very FULL lives, especially in movement & physical exercise. SURYA NAMASKAR literally translates to “bow to the sun”…when you lengthen forward and jump back, you begin to embody solar energy. Being warmed feels good many days, but occasionally and maybe FREQUENT for some, there are days where we are over stimulated, overheated, & depleted…SURYA NAMASKAR has a sister we love and that is CHANDRA NAMASKAR.

CHANDRA NAMASKAR is designed to take you inwards on a quite cooler more profound journey where I will invite you to bow and cultivate the moons soothing lunar energy. In this practice we will cultivate balance and nurture our bodies. HEAT over TIME causes aging, decay and death. Today we will reach and seek replenishment & cooling energy to lighten the spirit & un-tame the heart.

Chandra Namaskar was brought forth by the Bihar School in India in the 1960’s, and then Westernized (brought to us) by Kripalu in the 1980’s. It goes without saying, in Yogic texts we have long acknowledged the moons energy as well as tantric & religious studies but the practice was actually embraced in The United States in the 80’s…

What does the moon mean to you? What do you associate with the moon when it comes to mind? What does the moon bring to the earth? Bring to attention BALANCE and how the moon balances the suns energy. Ebb & Flow, Hot & Cold, Salt & Pepper…Sand & Sea, Sky & Stars…opposites but simultaneously COMPLIMENT each other, gently, beautifully is taste, sight, sound, smell.

Pay attention to the quality of each movement. Our energy is typically lower during full, new, or waning moon and especially during menstrual cycles for women. Chandra Namaskar serves as a mind, body, & spirit BALM.


“One who is undisturbed by the flow of desires finds peace, as the ocean-though filled by incessant rivers-remains STILL- Bhagavad Gita (400-300BCE) INDIA

TRY THIS SEQUENCE TO INVITE LUNAR ENERGY INTO YOUR BODY:  Gentle backbends sending the heart forward, Low heart openers, hip strengtheners, and twists to transition into postures.  Start with this and build from there.