The LAW OF ATTRACTION explains that if you wish well for others, wellness comes to YOU.  The law of attraction mirrors KARMA.  The LAW cannot separate "can't and don't" so if you think about things you don't like or can't do, you get more of that.  Same with people, so incredibly interesting, "you attract those in harmony with your intent" true, Abe.

Here's what I am trying to say:

You see a homeless person and immediately FEEL SORRY for them but your heart goes out to them and your INTENT is to "HELP" so you give him/her $10 cash.  You feel better for serving after having done might think KARMA would replenish your life later by the philosophy "oh she gave selflessly cash to someone in need"...WRONG...if you placed judgement on that person and focused on their pain and sent more of that into the universe...

IF YOU WANT TO HELP THE PERSON IN NEED and in turn create more fruit in your own life, YOU MUST MANIFEST SUCCESS for that needy person on the street with no home.  To truly impact their life, universally, you must visualize them succeeding, living in a stable home, having a sustainable income & job they love & family surrounding them.  

"The greatest gift that you could ever give another is the gift of your expectation of their success." -Abraham

I was frustrated in the beginning of my divorce because my darling dear loyal vivacious friend, aka Black Panther, laughed and said, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  They think they are going to bring YOU down, they LOST the most valuable asset! I don't worry about you one bit...YOU ARE GOING no where but UP...just shedding a few pounds from your bags!" I was upset and rattled about not getting my court ordered payments and thought she was crazy for reacting this way but in some small capacity her shocking exclamation made me giggle and gave me a tiny bit of much needed confidence.  I was worried not knowing my next step...being left for dead is no joke...especially with 3 kids in tow to protect...but then I realized as I grieved and GREW my best work yet was on the RISE.  I was being groomed for something much bigger and fuller and FREER.

Hasta Luego, 2221 River Rd. LLC.

GOOD TO GREAT ain't easy and ain't quick.  Sweat, tears, Yoga even when I didn't feel like it, fear,  some failure, some kicking me HARD while I was down, but a few LIFTING ME HIGHER and loving me enough to my next journey of peaceful warrior.  

Anyone can dream big...BUT if theres a GAP in-between your dream, your confidence and might as well file it away for good with your broken promises and New Years Ressy's from 1999.

Bridge the GAPS of HELPING others and helping yourself.  Manifest success for all.  Leave the judge schmudgey at the door.  YOU GET EXACTLY WHAT YOU GIVE. Pretending to help someone doesn't help...its transparent and not helpful.  Giving a homeless person ten bucks for one meal is a start, but YOU ARE CAPABLE OF GIVING MUCH MUCH MORE.  GIVE EVERYONE AWESOME INTENTIONS AND THOUGHTS...

If you don't believe me, just watch...