How to get more of what you want:

Do you keep fumbling wondering why relationships are disappointing or unsatisfying?  Everyone gets disappointed or let down in various relationships across the board from career to intimate partner or spouse.  If you are not ready to pack your bags just yet and still have love in your heart for the bond or hope that you can nurture it, THATS GREAT!  If not, thats okay too, you're human and nothing lasts forever even if you fake it...or make it work for the kids...and there's NOTHING wrong with that either. Kudos to anyone strong enough to be that selfless, but just make sure you are showing your brood a healthy example of what you would want for them because they will have EXACTLY what you do.  Every dirty look, every cold shoulder is TEACHING THEM, "normal" expectations of what is "status quo".  If that makes you sad, you better do some serious soul searching and SELF LOVE seeking.  We all deserve to be happy and CAN BE!

Cool- so we have got that out of the way.  Neither decision is good or bad or right or wrong.  We all are doing the best we can and thats enough.  Whats best for me may be different for you and namaste to that, my mission is to soothe and spiritually guide not JUDGE.


Write down 10 qualities of what you want in a Co-worker or Significant Other or FRIEND:

Heres mine: Significant Other & Friend (ohhh wow, yup, I want lucky hunk to be both!


2.Music Lover & Appreciator

3.Fun loving





8. Creative


10.Health Conscious & Motivated


Yup, I am an over achiever, GUILTY!  I realized 10 just won't do, theres actually (11)...

11. is my most valuable that down:)


Not finding all of these things in your relationships?

Here's why...



OU ARE THE CULPRIT. YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE.  You want more attention?  Give more.  You want someone smart? Be smart.  Continue your ed.  Learn more. Talk less.  You want someone confident? Be confident! You want someone with a nice bod?  Are you at your best physical self?  You wish your spouse was warmer?  If you are cold as ice, that is what you get.  If you are warm and still getting cold in return, you have some searching to do internally about YOUR SELF WORTH.

F YOU DONT BELEIVE YOU DESERVE BETTER, you'll keep getting the same pattern OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

History repeats itself.  The LAW OF ATTRACTION is called a LAW for a reason.


E WHAT YOU WANT...or don't.  It's up to you!

YOU CAN BE AWESOME AND RECEIVE AWESOME...SELF CHECK FIRST...find your work...we ALL have's a GREAT thing to work on yourself and you should feel ahead of the curve if you know where you can improve.

I hope you get everything you deserve and YOU WILL.

NAMASTE. Love & Light and goosebumps too! SWAK!