Manifest after meditation

The best time to manifest positive change and attain goals is by offering it up to the universe when your mind is quiet, calm, slowed, and clear.  After meditating we think more clearly because our thoughts aren't competing... ADHD-like brain carnival aka imbalance aka overstimulation...when we are overwhelmed, especially in this day in age, most of us are.  We are cramming too many things and trying to rub your belly and pat your head, pack lunches, work 4 jobs, and stay zen during a court battle with dysfunctional gremlins with too much green and empty everywhere else is a tricky feat but MENTALLY UNPLUGGING through asana and mindful meditation can make a beautiful difference and stimulate joy, determination, clarity, peace and focus.

There is a MAGIC in meditating before bed and then falling asleep to your fairytale.  It's fun and uplifting.  TRY IT.

Set a timer for 10 minutes before bed to decompress and BREATHE.  Deepen the breath and bring awareness to the 6th chakra, AJNA, 3rd eye (point between brow).  Mentally visually soften that space and gently resist thoughts or distractions of any kind.  Find harmony in the flow of your breath and in turn find inner peace and float closer to the path of enlightenment.  Meditating nurtures creativity, happiness, and rejuvenation.

Fall asleep while imprinting your greatest goals and desires....let the universe be your personal genie.