The Shampoo Effect

You've heard the urban slang, "shampoo effect"...perhaps this is how mimosa's were invented? As I was washing my golden locks this morning I started thinking about relationships and the shampoo shampoo effect universal for all "buzzes" and highs? I'm going to have to say YES and here's why and how...

Seeing an old friend after years and pick up where you left off, right? 

In relationships it goes one of two change shampoos never to look back or you miss that old scent...but once you go from Pantene to Kerastase, it's unlikely you'll downgrade. Como?

Mentally healthy human beings forgive and move on after a relationship went sour...EVENTUALLY, because time heals and they work on themselves and realize they were, too, a part of the failure or break. Relationships take two people. When needs are met and nourished and both put in the time and work, love grows. Sometimes if we forget to water the plants after too long, they die and that's that. We grieve then maybe but eventually we remember the good things...the love, the beauty. 

Theres beauty in it all. There's magic in pain too. Pain sprinkles massive growth and sometimes even phenomenon emotionally, mentally, professionally and more! 

I recently crossed paths with an old friend I hadn't seen in a long time. It was crazy how a fondness of sorts began to sud with just that tiny drop chance encounter. We laughed for hours and I had a hard time rembering exactly why the connection disconnected. Needless to say, the shampoo effect  is universal when you keep your heart open. Relationships can lather into different forms, of course but open heart and positive outlook always make for a great hair day!