"This or something better"

Inspired daily by the amazing, Sarah Prout, her wisdom, "this or something better", really resonated with me...it's a faith-full statement that gears hope, trust, and unconditional respect for what the divine & universe has planned for all of us...

Its tough when things don't go and flow as hoped or planned but instead soaking in disappointment we need to basque in the HOPE that something much better is in store.

God is on our side...he wants us all to succeed. The sun shines on everyone. Period. The universe is like a nurturing parental guidance that, too, wants to GIVE us everything we need and more.  

When we intentionally embrace that mindset that both God & the universe have our best interests at mind and heart, life stings a little less and you feel the love, wholeheartedly. 

Trust the process. Have faith. Don't give up. I never will and you shouldn't either. We are all special and we are all destined for something unique and profound.  

Just remember on that imaginary string around your peace fingers, "this or something better". 

Im filled with gratitude for all the gifts and lessons thus far.  Namaste & God Bless✌🏻️