If you have a spirit, which you absolutely DO, you can nurture your spirituality.  Spirituality is grown not cloned.

You do not have to practice Yoga or possess GURU characteristics to be spiritual.  We all exercise and express our spirits in different beautiful colorful ways.  

Spiritual people aren't perfect, they are GOOD.  Spiritual people make mistakes, they cuss, they LIVE, they LOVE and they may not be vegan or gluten free!  Because someone eats a certain way doesn't mean they are healthy spiritually, mentally or even physically.  Spiritual people know every instance is part of a grand journey.  Some religious people are spiritual, some are not...there's a difference.   Spirituality is how GOD lights us up and motivates us.  Spiritual people know that there are many different ways to to nurture faith and each journey is a profound unique masterpiece.  Spiritual people appreciate differences and focus on the future not the past.