Steps to happiness by Kimi Rae

Think less...FEEL more...tune in to the sensations  in your body...feel the good vibes you gain being around loved ones & friends. Feel the wind brush your skin on a hot summer day...feel how amazing you FEEL after a vigorous workout. Get out of your head and into your body & SOUL


Scientific research shows that smiling nurtures overall happiness and positive emotions. Smiles are contagious too! Smile at everyone you meet! Spread your happiness! Share your love!

Judge less. Accept more. Period.

When you focus on your own shit, you find success! You are a direct reflection of what you think about others. Accept all. We are all human. We are all imperfect. We are one.

Watch less. DO more. Be present.

Complain less. Find gratitude. Bring blessings to forefront! Gratitude is everything. Gratitude & grace is true pure power.

Fear less. Lead with your heart. Love more. Take risks. Fear is a silent killer.

Look good. Feel good. Be good. There's a common misconception that taking care of yourself is selfish...couldn't be farther from the TRUTH. When you care for yourself you care better for others. When you respect yourself you respect others!