Ebbs n' Flows Y'all

Feelings have roots and vines...Just when you think you've emotionally examined and conquered peace in a certain area of your life, the universe will splash you with a vivid trigger of heart ache, pain and loss...recognizing the triggers are like pruning  your plants...when you can acknowledge they exist as opposed to pushing under the mat...you can GROW LEAPS AND VINES UPWARDS....and inwards...acknowledging pain and not reacting recklessly to shitty situations and  perhaps even people, you can sprout in extraordinary ways...

There is a prolific reason to the term, "GROWING PAIN"...growing hurts because you shed things you love that no longer serve your higher truth, light and purpose on this earth.

GROW & Shine on...Im shining and growing with you.  May we all prevail and be beautiful together. Om mani padme hum.