Trusting the journey...

Sometimes, though on a quick diligent promising path to our best set intentions, we still get tinges and hints of anxiousness or fear...staying out of our head and focusing on staying our hearts is where we MUST focus our attention to stay grounded and let go...LET GO and TRUST ourselves, our 3rd eye, our GUT, and most importantly, the higher power aka the divine aka the universe aka what ever motivates you and provides YOU with FAITH on a daily basis.  For some of us, its GOD, for others its something else and whatever it is IT for you, individually.  

A simple mantra such as, "I trust the path", or "Let go". or "I surrender to what will be", "This or something better" (as my favorite Guru, Sarah Prout says...sit in silence, close your eyes...BREATHE and silently recite a ,mantra that inspires you.

TRUST yourself & the master plan.  Namaste.