Cracking open your heart...

They say in order to heal we need to keep open hearts...when our hearts are open we are at risk for EVERYTHING.  

We are at risk for disappointment, rejection, pain, but we also are at risk for light, LOVE, and abundance...  I'll swipe right, please.  

The key is not letting your heart cracks bleed out.  

Human beings in all sorts of relationships will inevitably toy with your emotions, intentionally and unintentionally.  Armoring your heart is no way to live and a lonely way at that so the code you are looking to crack to protect your most prized-sacred organ (your heart) to learn to cry without bleeding out.  Release and let go of whatever has shortsighted you and let the light come through the cracks when your eyes have dried.  What you are looking for and want, is looking for you too and wants you...all else is filler among your grandiose journey.

Life is beautiful magnificent HIKE...sometimes we feel energized and eager and other times we feel aching and thirsty and the wounds downright STING.  

Keep your heart open while you navigate your path but let people, places, and things that don't see your value, keep flitting on.

 If you can't see and value your own LIGHT than who else will?  Sure there's blisters and tired feet but keep walking.

In love, light, dry eyes and huge heart...Kimi

"This or something better..." -Sarah Prout