Gifts from above...

Sometimes we get surprises we don't want...but that we need.  The universe protects us from people, situations, things, that aren't good for us.  Gifts sometimes come in the form of disappointments or pain but better to receive the knowledge sooner than later.  

What looks like a heartache or failure is really a blessing in disguise.  

A little paper cut that bleeds a little is way better than a gaping wound...OR STAB...

Detoxification in our lives feels exactly how it hurts. It hurts bad but in the end we are healthier and better after being cleansed of toxic people & situations.

Some people will put salt in your wounds but others will dress your wounds with care and compassion.  Focusing on the caregivers is key...GRATITUDE in times of strife...looking for the light in the dark...theres always cracks where light comes in and thats the beauty in pain and imperfection.

Sometimes walking away with our heads held high is the gift of the day and you just got to open it and be grateful for the INFORMATION & DATA.  Take it in.  Breathe it out and be on your merry way.  Ohhhh and pray.  Faith can't prevent tears but it can carry your through until the dawn.

We are always being prepared for whats next.  

ALL the lessons, ALL the feels are necessary and will serve us all just what we need to be served.  

Only GOD knows exactly what we need and when we need it and when to open up our eyes to whats really happening and who people really are.

Just finished teaching Yoga downtown Toledo at The Aurora House where I have started a program for recovering addicts, abused, homeless, strong, lovely, vibrant, amazing women.  You all empowered me and I cherish every one of you.  Thank you for trusting me and letting me into your home and hearts.  Besides my sons first basketball game, it was the BEST part of my day.  God is good.  Cant wait to see you all again.  Namaste.

"The brain sees what the heart wants it to feel...The easiest thing to see is inner beauty."

-Tony Robbins in Shallow Hal lol:)