Travel light...

I'm cuddling 2017 so hard...cant stop loving up on this brand new shiny's difficult to imagine lightness when you are feeling heavy but once the baggage lifts you feel as is you're I sit in the sun with the wind flirting with my skin, I keep laughing and looking up above, like, "really?  seriously, pinch me...I can see what's developing is much better (for me)."  Even when FAITH is strong, hope, always isn't.  Hope dwindles when times get tough and you may find yourself wallowing in self doubt, fear or anxiousness.  

This is where the magic happens though...

God gives us little signs of reassurance even in the darkest of soon as I start to get off track or feel lost, a magical treat drops from the sky...lately the treats have been people, but not always...people are my favorite treats though.  Souls that you align with (seeming random) but nothing is really random.  No event is a mistake.  Everything and every person is a part of our journey and we ARE being led.

Yeah, trust me, I felt like I was in Hunger Games for awhile, like, "where the hell are you taking me? Are you trying to kill me, God? Please chill..I think I am bleeding out..."

Then you get closer-ish to the end of the tunnel...but there really isn't ever an end, now, is there?  The tunnel is more like a continuous cycle of ups, downs, ebbs, flows, love, pain, loss, more pain, joy, etc...

It becomes FUN to look back at something you thought was never maybe the biggest ball drop in your life ever and then you ACTUALLY do appreciate the lesson...and you actually ARE grateful it happened but also that its actually do feel at peace with it ALL. And that is LIGHT, my friends.  

Our flashlights run out of batteries though or the damn bulbs just burn out entirely but that's when we improvise and find a candle...the flame may not be as bright at first but you learn a new methodology for your SURVIVE...and then you sort of look back on fleek like, "I AM A BADASS" just like the book says!  

Or like, badass girlboss, Shonda Rimes, said "I am not lucky.  You know what I am?  I am smart.  I am talented. I take advantage of the opportunities that come my way and I work really, really hard.  Don't call me lucky. Call me a badass" TRUE THAT...

I'll leave you with this.  I wrote this beachside Turks & Caicos with my favorite treat from L.A. (Jennifer) on New Years Eve...from the heart.

Inhale 2017...Exhale 2016. Envelope the heart and mind with joyful memories and stride gently with reflecting on lessons. Nothing that takes place is a mistake. Embrace the colorful journey, even the darker colors. Darkness helps us appreciate LIGHT. Love yourself. Be compassionate with others but also yourself. Leave people smiling. Do for others and others will do for you too...Learn to accept and receive love in all forms of its beauty wild and even recklessness. Shine gratitude upon the past and loosen the grip of control. Love the good, the bad & ugly...every tinge and tear was worth whatever is coming next...for us ALL. Here's to more authentic humanness and all it's extraordinare.

Look for the light. Make light. Be light. find light. See light. Live light. Love light. Spread light. Sell light. Work light. Travel light.